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High quality and great value caterpillar tunnels to get crops going early in the season and later into it.


Using landscape fabric to keep on top of weeds. With pre-cut holes with set spacing options for different crops.


Turning a standard air conditioning unit into the perfect chilled storage area. Award winning Coolbot control unit for precision temperature control for your crops or products.


Tried and tested tools that are fit for purpose. Hard working tools for hard working people

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Our Company

The Happy Garden Company was borne out of pure frustration that essential tools and products for professional growers were simply not available. We also run a flower farm and have had to either source from abroad or build our own tools that are fit for purpose.

Our mission has been to ensure that these products are now available here in the UK for the hard-working flower farmer, market gardener or growing enthusiast.

We know that efficiency is key in running your business and this has been our ethos when deciding which products to bring you.

We are constantly on the look out for other items that will help you improve your bottom line through innovative products.

What Customers Are Saying

‘Superb service from start to finish. They gave excellent advice on how to install my Coolbot. It’s now up and running and I’m thrilled.’

– James, Suffolk

‘Happy Garden Company have products which I simply couldn’t find anywhere else in the UK. Fast delivery, great price.’

– Catherine, Essex

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